Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome Pet Owners!

Whether you have a dog, cat, bunny, bird, hamster, snake, rat, or even horse, I am here to help! I will come TO your house and pet sit for you, whatever pet you may have, granted the pet is well-behaved and will not bite or cause any other major trouble.

Please note before going farther that at this time I ONLY pet sit at YOUR house and am unable to take any pets at my house due to being in a rental. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Time 4 Pets was created because I have a couple clients and wanted to give them business cards to pass out to their friends. I work strictly on a referral basis and will typically not pet sit for just anyone because of liability concerns. Unfortunate, but nevertheless a real problem in today's world.

As of now I have no set hourly rate or pet sitting package set up. Typically what you pay will depend heavily on the following:
1. How many pets will I be sitting for?
2. How far do I have to drive to get to your home?
3. How often you want me to be at your home? Just at nights, all day etc?
4. Do you want your pet walked daily? Twice daily?
5. Do any of the pets tend to be very messy--will require a lot of clean up?
6. Can I eat the food already in your house, or do I have to provide my own?

To give you an idea of my prices, here's an example: Say you have two dogs, live 15 minutes away from me, only want me there from 5pm in the evening to like 8 am in the morning, dogs can get out by themselves to do their business, I can be gone all day, the dogs are well trained and don't make any messes in the house, I am able to eat the food in the house for dinner and breakfast, walking the pets is not required. If all the above facts are true, I will probably charge $40 a night. This would cover my time and fuel. I am very affordable! Go and look at other pet sitting businesses who come to your house and you will see--they charge well over $40, I assure you!

I will obviously charge more if you are farther away, have more pets who require more attention, want me there ALL DAY, or want me to provide my own food at all times.

I think that covers everything! My contact information is available to the right of this post. God bless!